Tonya and Ray Shevenell Preview

Next week’s episode is going to be a fun one for a couple of reasons. It’ll be the first time we’ll have two guests and so it’d only make sense to have two hosts. Jesse will share hosting duties with Mike and they’ll welcome Tonya and Ray Shevenell to the show. Tonya is the director of the documentary The Home Road and Ray, her father, is the self-described “Star”. The short description of The Home Road is, A 74-year-old Maine man retraces the journey of his pioneering, 19-year-old great-great-grandfather, who left his home in Canada in 1845. Join us next week as we talked to Tonya and Ray all about this amazing film and how the story still resonates today.

Tonya has recently made The Home Road free to watch online. Click here to watch it online or you can order the DVD here.

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