Episode 30 – COVID-19 Check In Part One

This week we thought we’d reach out to past and future guests, people doing amazing things in the Franco-American scene and a few friends of the podcast and ask them what their new normal is and if they have any tricks to help staying at home. So many people were nice enough to talk with us the episode had to broken up into three parts that will come out this week. Here are the guests that are on this episode.

  • Part One –
  • 00:27 -Intro
  • 02:28 – Susan Poulin
  • 08:29 – Abby Paige
  • 12:23 – Ernie Hebert
  • 16:01 – R Jean Mathieu
  • 20:34 – Suzanne Desrochers
  • 26:15 – Paul Paré
  • 30:23 – Alexadre Chartrand
  • 37:30 – Will McGrew
  • 42:31 – Tonya Shevenell
  • 47:33 – Robert Sylvain
  • 50:58 – Daniel Boucher
  • 54:45 – Josée Vachon

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