Jeanne’s Recommendations


Rendezvous at the Straits Vol 1 and 2 by Timothy J. Kent (the French in Upper MI)

The Franco-Americans of New England by Yves Roby (translated by Mary Ricard); French edition: Les Franco-Américains de la Nouvelle-Angleterre par Yves Roby

A Great and Noble Scheme by John Mack Farragher (book on Acadians)

1491 by Charles G. Mann

The Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick

Captors and Captives by Evan Haefeli and Kevin Sweeney (1704 Deerfield Raid)

Frenchmen to Peasants by Leslie Choquette

The French-Canadian Heritage in New England by Gerard Breault

American Ghosts by David Plante (a memoir)

Doctor Sax by Jack Kerouac (contains lots of old French)

Bird Cloud by Annie Proulx

Steeples and Smokestacks edited by Claire Quintal

Quiet Presence by Dyke Hendrickson (about the French in New England)

Not a Catholic Nation: The Ku Klux Klan Confronts New England in the 1920s by Mark Paul Richard

A Distinct Alien Race by David Vermette

I Remember…Je Me Souviens… by Jeanne Douillard

Heliotrope – a compendium of 100+ women writers edited by Rhea Coté Robbins

Mystery novels by Louise Penny: Inspector Armand Gamache series

Songs Upon the Rivers by Robert Foxcurran, Michel Bouchard, Sébastien Mallette


Québec music:

   La Bottine Souriante www.bottinesouriante.com

   Le Vents du Nords www.leventdunord.com

   Mme Bolduc (Google: Mme Bolduc)

   Josée Vachon (www.joseevachon.com

  Genticorum (www.genticorum.com)

   La Volée d’Castors (www.vdc.qc.ca)

Acadiens music:

   Barachois (Google: “Barachois band) traditional Acadiens music

  Grand Dérangement  www.grandderangement.com

   Les Méchants Macquereaux (Google: Les Méchants Macquereaux) 

   Blou www.blou.ca/

   Cajun music:

   Beausoleil (www.rosebudus.com/beausoleil)

   La Bande Feufollet (www.feufollet.net)

   Breaux Frères (www.beauxfreres.com)

   L’Angélus (www.langelus.com)

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