Episode Nine – NH PoutineFest Wrap Up

This week’s episode is a little different but we hope you’ll come along for the ride. Two weeks ago we attended the fourth annual NH PoutineFest in Merrimack, NH. We interviewed a lot of people, restaurants and venders that were there and put it all together in our first wrap up episode. Tim Beaulieu, Event Organizer of NH PoutineFest, was nice enough to chat with us about the successful event. We were also lucky enough to sit down with Doris Proulx who was named Franco-American of the Year at the event.

We want to thank everyone that took the time to talk to us and everyone that visited our table at the event. It’s great to hear that people are enjoying the show. Just a note about the audio in this episode, it was my first time using portable audio equipment, so the levels aren’t as high as the interview with Tim. I hope this doesn’t distract anyone from listening to the interviews because there are a lot of great stories being shared. I’m still learning and I thank everyone for bearing with us.

I also want to thank my friend Adam Bargmeyer who was super kind and mailed us portable audio equipment that made all these great interviews possible. Without his generosity this episode wouldn’t have been possible.

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