Episode 52 – Writer and Historian Lynne Levesque

This week we’re joined by Writer and Historian Lynne Levesque. Lynne’s story is an interesting so we’re glad she joined us on the show. After a successful academic and business career she was called to tell the story of Jeanne Chevalier, a distant relative. We’re glad she told the story but because it’s an extremely interesting one. We hope you enjoy the story as much as we do.

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One thought on “Episode 52 – Writer and Historian Lynne Levesque

  1. Informative. Lynne was very interesting. Thanks.

    A note: The term “Quebec” was used only for the town and the region. The colony was called Canada. After the Conquest, the English first used the term Lower Canada and then extended the name Québec to what is more or less the province we know today.

    Women had one year to marry or else face a return to France. If any unmarried women were sent back, men who were still bachelors (hadn’t snapped up a wife) were fined as a punishment. Marriages had nothing to do with romance.

    We all have many filles du roi ancestors.

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